Professional Compositing Course

Finishing School – Animation

The Compositing for Visual Effects Course offers a deep dive into the technical and
creative aspects of digital compositing. This course is perfect for individuals looking to
advance their career in visual effects, focusing on the integration of CG and live-action
footage to create visually stunning and seamless movie scenes.

What You'll Learn

Course Highlights

  • Intensive 18-week program tailored for aspiring compositors.
  •  Hands-on training with Nuke, the industry-standard compositing software.
  •  Learn essential techniques like color grading, rotoscoping, and keying.
  •  Master advanced compositing skills including CG integration and 3D tracking.
  •  Projects designed to mimic real-world VFX challenges.
  •  Direct mentorship from industry experts at Technicolor Creative Studios.
  •  Build a professional portfolio that showcases your compositing skills.
  • Networking opportunities with VFX professionals and access to job placements.

Why Choose Compositing Courses?

  • This course is developed in collaboration with Technicolor Creative Studios, ensuring
    that the curriculum is not only academically rigorous but also aligned with current
    industry practices. This approach guarantees that our students are prepared to meet the
    demands of a professional VFX environment upon graduation.

Benefits of Enrolling in This Course:

  • Become proficient in Nuke, enhancing your employability in the VFX industry.
  • Learn from active industry professionals who bring current best practices into the
  • Participate in live projects that prepare you for immediate industry challenges.
  • Access to Technicolor Creative Studios’ network for career opportunities and
    professional growth.