3D ASSETS Training

For all those creative and curious minds who love making visuals realistic and imagine big- We got you covered.

Why You should Enroll For this Course?

Explore the world of 3D modeling with our comprehensive 3D Assets course. Use modern software platforms to learn to shape, texture, and light your creations. From crafting landscapes to character design, develop a captivating portfolio that paves the way to a successful digital art career. Your journey into the 3D realm begins now.

1. Master 3D modeling and texturing with industry-leading tools to create lifelike designs.
2. Develop a compelling portfolio under expert guidance, showcasing your unique artistic style and skills.

Why Specialize in a 3D Assets Course?

Growing Demand: Growing Demand: By 2027, the global AR/VR, films and 3d Animation markets are projected to reach $571.42 billion and $62.1 billion respectively. This escalating demand represents an ocean of opportunities for trained 3D asset creators.

High Salaries: High Salaries: The median monthly wage for multimedia artists and animators is 15k-85k per month. With experience and specialization, these numbers can reach well into the six figures, making it a lucrative career option.

Specialization: Specializing in 3D assets gives you a competitive edge in the job market. As the industry grows, so does the need for artists with specific skill sets, allowing you to stand out from the crowd and increase your employability.

Career Opportunities: From the entertainment industry, including film, gaming and VFX to sectors like architecture, product design, and even medical visualization, the skills you acquire can be applied to pave the path to a versatile career.

Professional Development: Specializing in a 3D assets course provides a structured learning pathway, helping you stay updated with the latest industry trends and techniques while fostering your creative and technical growth.

Industry Standard Software: Through our 3D Assets course, you will gain hands-on experience with state-of-the-art software such as Blender, Maya, ZBrush, and Substance Painter.

Unlock the Door to Your Dream Job

Upon course completion, students join our placement program, which offers access to prime job opportunities and 3D Assets skills enhancement. Our dedicated team provides interview coaching, resume tailoring, and mock interviews to bolster career progression. We are committed to nurturing confidence and aiding career advancement.

I. Introduction to 3D Art
  • Basic concepts of 3D art, 3D assets, and an overview of 3D software tools.
II. Fundamentals of 3D Modeling
  • Introduction to vertices, edges, and polygons, with basic modeling techniques.
III. Advanced 3D Modeling
  • 3D sculpting, procedural generation, retopology, and mesh optimization.
IV. Texturing and Shading
  • Basics of UV mapping and unwrapping, texture creation, shaders, and materials.
V. Advanced Texturing Techniques
  • Photorealistic texturing, baking textures, and use of Substance Painter.
VI. Lighting and Rendering
  • Basic lighting concepts, types of lights, and introduction to rendering.
VII. Animation Basics
  • Overview of animation principles, rigging, and basic animation techniques.
VIII. Integration with Game Engines
  • Understanding of real-time rendering, asset integration with Unity and Unreal Engine, and optimization techniques.
IX. Professional Development and Industry Insights
  • Portfolio building, understanding job market opportunities, and keeping up with industry trends.
X. Final Project
  • Creation of a complete 3D scene applying learned techniques, with final rendering and presentation.


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